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Cliff Bungalow Community Centre Playground

I don’t typically write about parks but when they’re cool like this one then I’ll include it. My wife had seen or read or heard about this park somewhere and we had a Saturday with nothing planned. What better way to spend it than by parking in Mission and wandering on down to some park behind a Montessori school? None! There is no better way!

It would be shameful of me to deny that I was somewhat skeptical of our plan. I mean, how impressive can a playground be? Can it really be worth going out of our way to let our daughter climb on some stuff? Apparently playgrounds can be pretty great.

When you wander into the playground you notice that this one isn’t like others. There are giant mushrooms, stumps coming out of the ground, trees around the top level and it looks like it was built with logs. Whoever made this park put quite a lot of money and effort into making it awesome. The photo at the bottom of this post really doesn’t do it justice.

Our daughter had a lot of fun climbing up the levels of the section for older kids, peeking down at people on the ground and exploring to her heart’s content. With mushrooms to climb on and slides to slide down how could anyone not have a ton of fun at this place? The only issue is that when the sun is blazing those slides get incredibly hot and some of the other materials get too hot to touch for very long. That’s a minor set back in a great little place like this.

The day we went was quite sunny so the slides didn’t get much use. But, surprisingly, it was pretty much empty. There were maybe two other families there at any given time and they left after a while. It was mostly quiet and relaxing. After we’d played for a bit we grabbed a spot on the grass in the shade of a tree and had a snack. Pretty much the best way to finish an afternoon playing in a playground.

Seriously? You’re writing about playgrounds now?

Yes. Yes I am. Families should be able to learn about cool little playgrounds hidden around the city. If I find more I’ll definitely write about them. For now we have this one and it’s totally worth going to. Probably best to save it for the weekends because the Montessori school would likely not be impressed if you played there during the school day.

You can find more details and photos over here.

Chillin' on a mushroom.

Chillin’ on a mushroom.

Really cool setup with trees and mushrooms and fake log siding.

Really cool setup with trees and mushrooms and fake log siding.


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